Through detailed analysis of the offshore wind industry’s marine challenges and requirements – a unique vessel has been developed. Windkeeper is a small waterplane area twin-hull (SWATH) specifically developed to minimize movement in the vessel during operation and ensuring market-leading comfort for technicians. The hull’s characteristics ensure operability second to none, with gangway performance in +4.0m Hs. Further the design ensures comfortable living spaces for 40 technicians, all in single cabins.
Windkeeper in action

Zero emissions

«Charge 2 Work»-capability will in the future allow for 100% electric operations – giving ZERO emissions. The compact design at only 57m ensures operational savings, not only financially, but also environmentally. With as little as 2.7t fuel consumption in-field, Windkeeper presents clients with the unique capability of reducing their emissions and meeting future stringent needs.

30 m

AHC Gangway

4 m Hs

Safe Workability

10-30 m

Landing height

2 t SWL

3D Lifting

300 m²


350 m²

Deck Space


Single Tech Cabins

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